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Smarter Water Management Poster Showcase

Do you or your organization have insights to share with conference participants?

Posters at Blue Cities 2018 are an opportunity to exchange ideas and enrich  conversations around smarter water management decisions. The Poster Showcase will feature knowledge from all sectors, including utilities, academia, government, consulting firms and industry. To indicate your interest in participating, submit an abstract by February 28, 2018. (Details on how to apply are listed below.)


Here’s how the posters will be highlighted during the conference:

  • During the conference concurrent sessions, posters with related content will be flagged by the moderator.
  • Posters will be presented during a dedicated evening showcase on May 1.
  • Presenters will also have an opportunity to discuss their posters with participants during the networking breaks.

Topic Areas 

Posters should relate to the four Blue Cities conference tracks:
(see conference program for full descriptions)

Smarter Infrastructure Financing and Design
Working Smarter with Customers
Water as a Core Component of Smart City Design
Smarter Ways to Innovate 

Poster abstracts outside these topic areas that demonstrate strong value to attendees will also be considered.

Poster presenters must register for the conference.

Printable Poster Guidelines

Poster abstract guidelines

Poster Abstract Guidelines

Please read the abstract guidelines carefully. Abstracts must not exceed a single page and use 11 point Times New Roman or Calibri font.

Write a concise title that describes the poster in 20 words or less.

Please list surnames first, followed by initials. List the primary author first and underline the name of the presenting author.

List the organization with whom the authors are affiliated and include the department, city and province.

Intended Audience
Indicate who would benefit most from this knowledge — for example: water managers, policy makers, industry (specify), other research programs, etc.

In point form, please list the insights, learnings or points for discussion raised by your poster.

Provide a brief overview in one paragraph (300 words or less).

Deadline for poster abstract submission

Deadline for Poster Abstract Submission

Poster abstracts must be submitted to [email protected] by February 28, 2018.

  • Please refer to the poster abstract guidelines.
  • Do not submit a completed poster.
  • Abstracts should be emailed as an attachment (Microsoft Word or pdf).

We will contact you by email on or before March 9, 2018 to let you know if your abstract has been accepted.

Accepted poster abstracts, presenter photos and contact information will be published on the Blue Cities website.

Guidelines for posters

Guidelines for Posters
(if your abstract is accepted)

All posters must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Presenters must be registered attendees.
  • Poster preparation, printing, transport, set-up and removal are the responsibility of the presenters.
  • Poster presenters must submit a 50-word description of their poster for inclusion on the conference website.
  • Dimensions: 1.2 m x 0.9 m (4 ft. wide by 3 ft. high)
    Under no circumstances will larger dimensions be permitted.
  • The poster should be easily read from at least one metre away.
    Title – 72 point font or larger (~17 mm)
    Author names – 48 point font or larger (~12 mm)
    Affiliations – 36 point font or larger (~8 mm)
    Text – 20 point font or larger (~5 mm)

For effective posters, less is more. Minimize text by using bullet points or short phrases and include visuals like graphs, diagrams and photographs. We also suggest including a photograph of the presenter, either on the poster or displayed next to the poster, and providing handouts and/or business cards to facilitate networking.

  • All posters that are presenting work funded by Canadian Water Network must display CWN’s logo. Contact [email protected] for the logo.
  • Posters must be set up no later than 8:00 am on Tuesday, May 1, 2018. (Poster boards, push pins and velcro pads will be available.)
  • Posters must be removed by 4:00 pm on Wednesday, May 2, 2018 (but no earlier than 1:30 pm).

Smarter Water Management Poster Showcase, May 1

Smarter Water Management Poster Showcase

The Smarter Water Management Poster Showcase will take place on the evening of Tuesday, May 1. Presenting authors must be available at their poster for questions and discussion at this time.

The posters will also be available for viewing throughout much of the conference. We encourage presenters to take advantage of coffee breaks, meals and other networking opportunities to maximize interaction with conference participants.

By participating in the Smarter Water Management Poster Showcase, you are providing permission to have your poster and presentation photographed and used by Canadian Water Network for marketing and communication purposes.