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2016 Poster Titles

Pathways to more resilient and sustainable water systems

  • Assessment of Environmental Risks Related to Emerging Contaminants in Municipal Wastewaters – A Toolbox Approach
  • Assessment of an Innovative Technology to Reduce Sediment and Improve Water Quality in a Stormwater Pond
  • Bioenergy and Compost Production from Urban Ditch and Land Maintenance
  • Building a Network of Water Stewardship Projects in the GTA and Beyond
  • Identifying and Overcoming Barriers to Innovation in Urban Water Infrastructure Planning – An Analytical Framework and Planning Tool
  • Optimal Pressure Management in Water Distribution Systems for the Reduction of Water Losses and Leaks by Means of a Predictive Real-time Control Model
  • Public Health and Water Quality Management in Low-Exposure Stormwater Schemes: a Proposed Path Forward suitable for Alberta
  • Reduced Energy Consumption: Optimization of Advanced Oxidation Treatment for Persistent Halocarbons in Groundwater
  • Social Science Perspectives on Developing Resilient Water Systems: Increasing Political Motivation to Fund Infrastructure
  • Socio-technical Histories in Water Management: Tracing the Memory of Urban Drought
  • Stormwater Management Thermal Mitigation Retrofit: Night Time Release and Other Systems
  • Study of Municipal Green Stormwater Infrastructure Policies across Canada for localized Storm-Water Management

Innovation in water management

  • A Global Index for Mapping the Exposure of Water Resources to Wildfire
  • Developing Effective Water Management Models for Remote Communities: A Partnership that is Ending Boil Water Advisories
  • Effects of Surficial Geology on Lake Erie Tributary Water and Sediment Phosphorous Concentrations
  • From Stakeholders to Solutions: Collaborative Modeling and Decision Making in the Bow River Basin
  • Multi-agency Co-Operation in Managing Ontario’s Groundwater Resources
  • Participatory Integrated River Basin Management: A Simulation Gaming Approach
  • Resilience and Reconciliation: A Pilot Project in Collaborative Podcasting to Support Inclusive and Equitable Dialogue on Water Management in Canada
  • Silver-Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide as Secondary Disinfectant in Municipal Drinking Water Treatment
  • Take me to the River: Creating the Don Valley Riverfront Park